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Pipore brand name was chosen by name, a local legend - the leader of the Guarani. According to the story during a regular raid Brazilian Bandeirantes, he escaped and take refuge in the Jesuit reducsione. After a rite of baptism on the banks of the creek, amazed witnesses was revealed to miracle - for a long time, indelible in the sand, traces of the hands and feet, a new Christian. Called the Spanish name Santos, in Guaraní, the culprit of a miracle, now was called Pi-Po-Re. Which meant: Pi - location, Po - hands, Re - the traces.

History Pipore began in 1919 in Santo Pipo, when a local landowner Luciano Leiva, agreed to sell the Swiss colonists 100 hectares of their land. Profile farms was chosen almost immediately - the cultivation of yerba mate.

Currently Productores De Yerba Mate De Santo Pipo Sociedad Cooperativa Limitada is one of the market leaders in high quality yerba mate. The manufacturer is not pursues trendy "organic" trends. With "Swiss precision", a lot of small farms over the decades creating a high-quality yerba mate, with an incredibly stable flavor characteristics.

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