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Fede Rico La Mejor sin palo 500g

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Produced by the large Paraguayan FD Group, which consists of two companies: Rio Itambley S.A and Valle Verde S.A. Holly plantations in Rio Itambey are located in the pristine rainforest of Paraguay, in an environmentally impeccable allowing the company to produce organic yerba varieties to exceptionally high standards without artificial fertilizers or pesticides. The high quality of organic yerba is attested on each package by the emblem of the German quality control firm BCS OKO Garantie, whose auditors regularly visit the brand's plantations and production facilities... Fully organic production is backed by numerous certifications: USDA Organic, Agro BioTest and OIA Organico Certificado. The brand's products are aimed at consumers for whom the highest quality of products and the preservation of nature are most important. Fede Rico Organica mate is perfect for both terere, and for the classic hot meal. Unlike all mate produced in Paraguay, almost only their leaves are made. Therefore, it is very easy to prepare.

Fede Rico is a woody aroma with notes of smoke. The taste is rich, tart, with a bright bitterness.

The composition contains crushed leaves with traces of sticks and a very small amount of dust, but despite this mate has very high stimulating properties. Undoubtedly it will be liked by people who work a lot mentally and for whom sobriety and performance are of great importance. The product is great for beginners, who love bitterness in taste, and for experienced matemans.


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