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Kraus Silvestre 500g Menta

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Kraus yerba mate with mint. The company specializes in drying the Yerba Mate leaves without the use of smoke (sin humo) and instead doing it with hot air. This way a smoke-free tea is obtained, with a really smooth taste and a nice aroma. Mint makes it perfectly refreshing, especially in summer, also an excellent pair for your meals.


This ia an organic yerba mate. Organic teas have no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Also, they do not have artificial flavors or ingredients of any kind. The packaging material that is used with the organic teas is also organic, as the paper that is used is recycled and biodegradable and the ink is water based.
Usually the aging process for the organic teas are longer than the regular therefore the flavor and aroma is better. It also makes the yerba mate less acidic.
The natural and unique mate tea Kraus Gaucho comes straight from the ecologically managed Kraus plantation in Colonia Santo Domingo Savio, San Ignacio, Misiones Province, Argentina. Surrounded by beautiful highlands with native forests and overflowing rivers. Kraus has been producing mate since the beginning of 20th century following the family tradition, working the field under the principles and requirements of a sustainable agriculture. Always looking for the preservation and fertility of the field in long terms.


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