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Yemari farm yerba mate 500g

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Yemari Organica mate is another new unique product of the highest quality that we can offer you! An organic Argentinean variety produced in the homeland of many popular brands in the province of Misiones.

Leaves are evenly ground to medium size and baked with a small amount of dust. Color - uniform fresh khaki, without overdried and burnt fractions. The smell of dry grass - light smoke, young, slightly lime foliage.

Yemari, as they say, according to the classical canons, immediately, from the first spill, gives off its rich taste. It is an intense blend of delicate barbacqua, an intelligent mix of sourness, light noble bitterness and a very noticeable sweetness that however, it does not appear immediately, but a few seconds after a sip, leaving the impression of a savory dessert. A little later, about the middle of the drinking, the association with fruit resins - cherry and plum - is added to the main taste and aroma picture.

Yemari Organica is aged for 24 months, which only has a positive effect on the taste of the finished product. The composition contains a very small amount of dust. The packaging is crafted, and the raw materials themselves, as it should be for organic varieties, are grown without chemicals and fertilizers. Also, the production of ANRA S.R.L. organized in such a way so that its negative impact on the environment is minimal.

Thus, at the output we have a completely organic, natural product of high quality, which has gone through all clearly verified production processes to obtain the ideal, in the opinion of the manufacturer, taste.

Such care for us and the environment cannot fail to bribe - Yemari Organica totally deserves to be tasted!


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