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Tucanguá argentinian farm yerba mate 500g

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Mate Tucanguá Tradicional is the result of the efforts of Argentina’s ‘Cooperativa Agrícola de Ruiz de Montoya’, which comes from the Jesuit region of the province of Misiones. Before the conquistador's invasion, the province was mainly inhabited by the Guarani Indians, thus serving as the basis for armed attempts to annex the region of Missiones to their original Guarani homeland - Paraguay. Argentina succeeded in defending its rights to the region, giving the whole world a chance to find out what the real Argentinian mate with Paraguayan character is. Tucanguá openly demonstrates that it preserves the memory of its ancestors in every twig and dust piece inside its mateine world. True traditional and rich taste with a strong energetic effect are the main features of this yerba. In addition to the impressive taste, Tucanguá Tradicional has a significant number of other yerba-worthy qualities. These include fatigue reduction and brain function stimulation - many pleasant bonuses! Thus, Tucanguá Tradicional becomes a real treasure for exquisite mate lovers.


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