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Roapipo Traditional Organica farm yerba mate 500g

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Mate "Roapipo Organica" deserves special attention among the numerous other Argentine mate brands. Roapipo is not only a certified organic product - over the course of its history, the brand has made a significant contribution to production technologies that allow manufacturers to obtain 100% environmentally friendly yerba. Behind the rough packaging and deliberate carefree grinding lies the history of the famous yerba producer Alberto Rota, who developed technologies for soil and forest conservation in agriculture in the Argentine province of Misiones in the early 20th century. Himself from Switzerland and with a great enthusiasm for agronomy, he came to Argentina in 1925, where he founded Roapipo to produce mate. In his orchards, Albert Roth studied and improved the conditions for the planting and growing of Ilex (a genus that includes the mate) trees in Paraguay, allowing the harmonious development of plantations in the natural forest ecosystem.
Yerba "Roapipo" has a very uneven grind, in which stalks of different sizes are mixed with both fine and coarsely ground leaves. The first acquaintance with Roapipo may seem confusing, as the drink may need hotter water than you originally chose. Drinking it with lukewarm water, Roapipo will only deceive you with the rough taste of wood and pumpkin notes, but at a more hot temperature of 80 degrees, this mate will fully reveal its floral tones, which are typical of true organic yerba.


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