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ISONDU Barbaqua farm yerba mate, 500g

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Isondu Organica is born in the wild nature of Auber, in cultural contrasts. This mate is made using a unique drying system - barbacqua. This technology is inherited from the Guaraní people over 400 years ago. During this process, the leaves of the Paraguayan holly are exposed to the heat of burning wood for an entire day.

In the natural ripening process of the leaves, aging of 18 to 24 months is important. Mate acquires its unique taste, becomes softer, loses its acidity and begins to exude a more subtle aroma, which, of course, lasts longer. Thus, the raw material goes a long way to eventually become the amazing Isondu we already know, with a strong personality and exquisite heritage. There is a legend about Isondu, also known as "firefly". It is said that among the Guaraní in the mission jungle there lived a young man named Isondou, who made his peers jealous, as he was very skilled and loved by women. Isondu stood out in everything from hunting to fishing, and he was never seen alone as young women always found an excuse to strike up a conversation with the handsome Guaraní. But one night, the envy that gripped the rest of the men was so great that they decided to gather in the bushes and set up a trap for Isondu, who was returning home from another young girl. Isondu fell into a trap and was pelted to death with stones and sticks. Great was the amazement of the envious when they saw that the red color of blood, barely perceptible in the dark, turned into a fluorescent light. Isondu's blood, which now shone brightly in the night, rose as glowing drops, brightly illuminating the night jungle. Since then, whole groups of fireflies have lived in this place, transforming the local jungle into a fantastic and magical place. It is a 100% organic yerba mate. Isondu is one of the most balanced yerba maté on the market - it matures for 24 months after processing.

Isondu is the product of an independent farm in the province of Misiones, the Promised Land of Yerba Mate. For drying, an exclusive Barbacua type drying system is used. It is a slow and steady dehydration process in which leaves are exposed to the heat of a wood fire for 10 or 12 hours.

This brings us to the inimitable taste of Isonda. It has a light to medium intensity, clean, fresh taste with no sour aftertaste. The leaves are cut perfectly and harmoniously, with a balanced ratio of leaves and stems. It does not contain pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, does not contain artificial flavors or any additives.

The packaging material used to package the product is also organic as it is recyclable and biodegradable and the ink is water based.


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