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Small Brands

Small Brands

JESPER con Hierbas farm yerba mate 500g

Mate Jesper Tradicional is another unique and hard-to-find product with excellent taste. The combination of crushed Paraguayan holly leaves with 3 types of mint (common, peppermint and pennyroyal) provides the mixture with a fresh rich aroma, a herbaceous flavor, and also endows it with the powerful healing properties of natural herbs.

12.00€ Ex Tax: 9.92€

Roapipo Traditional Organica farm yerba mate 500g

Yerba "Roapipo" has a very uneven grind, in which stalks of different sizes are mixed with both fine and coarsely ground leaves. The first acquaintance with Roapipo may seem confusing, as the drink may need hotter water than you originally chose. Drinking it with lukewarm water, Roapipo will only deceive you with the rough taste of wood and pumpkin notes, but at a more hot temperature of 80 degrees, this mate will fully reveal its floral tones, which are typical of true organic yerba.

12.52€ Ex Tax: 10.35€

Tucanguá argentinian farm yerba mate 500g

Tucanguá openly demonstrates that it preserves the memory of its ancestors in every twig and dust piece inside its mateine world. True traditional and rich taste with a strong energetic effect are the main features of this yerba. In addition to the impressive taste, Tucanguá Tradicional has a significant number of other yerba-worthy qualities. These include fatigue reduction and brain function stimulation - many pleasant bonuses! Thus, Tucanguá Tradicional becomes a real treasure for exquisite mate lovers.

9.29€ Ex Tax: 7.68€

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