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Small Brands

Small Brands

ANNA PARK farm yerba mate 500g

Mate ‘Anna Park Organic’ is the yerba sought after by skilled gourmets. Anna Park Organic has an even grind with homogeneous leaves and twigs and a low dust content. The thick and rich taste of this mate is not bitter at all and is so saturated that it will allow everyone to find their own associations with the most outstanding Argentine mate varieties.

15.73€ Ex Tax: 13.00€

Flor de Oberá farm yerba mate 500g

Cooperativa Agrícola Limitada de Oberá originated from the initiative of European settlers in South America, as they needed an institution that could support and help find solutions to their most pressing problems, as well as to be able to produce and trade with their own products.Mate Flor de Oberá Tradicional 500g has a deep, woody-coniferous aroma; it has a rich, slightly bitter taste with predominant notes of pine and nuts. Aging: 24 months. Argentina, Misiones, Oberá.

7.26€ Ex Tax: 6.00€

Indega Classica farm yerba mate 500g

Indega Classica mate is a classic variety from Indega S.A. As befits a Paraguayan mate, the Indega Classica is perfect for both a traditional hot ceremony and terere. The product has a classic Paraguayan grind, not entirely uniform, so a rather coarse fraction is found in the composition.

6.66€ Ex Tax: 5.50€

La Bombilla Traditional farm yerba mate 500g

Yerba La Bombilla is produced by the company of the same name in the south of Paraguay in the Independencia region. This mate is a worthy product with a characteristic fine grind, high amount of twigs and little dust in the yerba mix. The heavily shredded leaves resemble the traditional Uruguayan mate. Ideal for preparing hot mate and ice terere. Strong, full-bodied taste with bright smoky notes in the foreground and nutty flavor will persist from pour to pour. Long aging (24 months) plays a huge role in the final taste of this beverage.

6.05€ Ex Tax: 5.00€

LA RUBIA Organica Yerba Mate 500g

La Rubia, a family business, produces a limited amount of this organic yerba with only twenty employees. Velvety layered textures of tobacco, cherry, dark chocolate, and tart make this a gourmet and sophisticated yerba. Mate La Rubia Organica has a quality "Paraguayan grind" with an ideal ratio of leaves, stems and dust. Although this yerba has the typical bitterness and astringency of all Paraguayan varieties, it also has a slight floral flavor that distinguishes it from other brands. 

9.40€ Ex Tax: 7.77€

Legendaria Chimarrão traditional farm yerba mate 500g

The search for the ideal recipe was based on strict selection criteria based on yerba mate from the best shrubs in the São Mateus do Sul region. The unique taste and aroma exist due to the surrounding ecosystem, which consists mainly of araucaria (an evergreen conifer genus typical of this region). The special shape and treatment of the shrub also plays an important role in making this yerba one of the best on the market, thanks to its unique taste and undeniable quality.

12.10€ Ex Tax: 10.00€

Mathienzo Seleccion Especial Premium yerba mate 500g

As special quality conditions are required to be able to position yourself in the 'Seleccion Especial' category, 'Mathienzo Seleccion Especial' yerba is harvested by hand and aged for 24 months. 'Mathienzo Seleccion Especial' does not have a very strong aroma, but it has a strong and rich taste that has absolutely no bitterness.

9.68€ Ex Tax: 8.00€

Oromate Traditional Molienda Mediana farm yerba mate 50...

Paraguayan yerba mate from a small plantation in the department of El Agricultor S.R.L, Gairo. The founders are brothers Pablo and Horhe Escher. Initially, the plantation produced the brand 'Yerba Mate Reina', which was later renamed 'Oromate'. The company produces traditional classic mate blends as well as flavored mate with herbs. A great example of Paraguayan yerba with its characteristic fine grind, small amount of twigs and large quantity of dust. The taste is intense with smoky notes and elegant acidity. The aroma is a classic of this kind of yerba - rich smoky, woody notes. Great drink for the lovers of Paraguay's traditionally smoked mate.

4.95€ Ex Tax: 4.09€

Roapipo Traditional Organica farm yerba mate 500g

Yerba "Roapipo" has a very uneven grind, in which stalks of different sizes are mixed with both fine and coarsely ground leaves. The first acquaintance with Roapipo may seem confusing, as the drink may need hotter water than you originally chose. Drinking it with lukewarm water, Roapipo will only deceive you with the rough taste of wood and pumpkin notes, but at a more hot temperature of 80 degrees, this mate will fully reveal its floral tones, which are typical of true organic yerba.

12.52€ Ex Tax: 10.35€

Tucanguá argentinian farm yerba mate 500g

Tucanguá openly demonstrates that it preserves the memory of its ancestors in every twig and dust piece inside its mateine world. True traditional and rich taste with a strong energetic effect are the main features of this yerba. In addition to the impressive taste, Tucanguá Tradicional has a significant number of other yerba-worthy qualities. These include fatigue reduction and brain function stimulation - many pleasant bonuses! Thus, Tucanguá Tradicional becomes a real treasure for exquisite mate lovers.

9.29€ Ex Tax: 7.68€

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