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Barão De Cotegipe Native chimarrão yerba mate 500g - Vacuum Packed

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Barao De Cotegipe Tradicional refers to a variety of mate called chimarrao, which is very popular among the inhabitants of the southern states of Brazil: Parana, Rio Grande du Sul and Santa Catarina. Brazilian shimarrons are distinguished from the traditional mate common in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay by their bright green color and very fine “flour-like” grinding with few stems and twigs. In the production of chimarrao, holly leaves are subjected to only minimal processing - withering and a short drying cycle in ovens. The whole process takes less than a week, while traditional yerba is aged for 6-12 months (premium stamps 24-36 months).

Thanks to the gentle procedure, the mixture has a "fresh" bright green color, and it is also extremely rich in chlorophyll, vitamins and antioxidants. The Barao brand is the most popular shimarron variety in Brazil. Since 1992, the brand has been supplied to the USA and Europe, where she immediately became popular among connoisseurs of mate Shimarron Barao de Cotegipe Tradicional has a mild sweetish taste and a very fresh bouquet, which contains the aroma of juicy greens, freshly cut grass, seaweed. Super fine grinding, typical for all Brazilian varieties, gives the drink a viscosity and "creamy" consistency.

Mate Barao comes in a vacuum package that guarantees a shelf life of shimarron at least 2 years. Store the opened pack in the refrigerator. Shimarrons are best drunk using a wide bombilla spoon - traditional bombilla can be clogged with a large amount of small fractions in the mixture.


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