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Yerba Mate is a popular drink from Latin America. It contains the active substance matein, which stimulates mental and physical activity. Its rich of both vitamins and minerals, thus being healthy, refreshing, and stimulating and promoting active and attractive conversation. It is worldwide known to be an alternative for coffee and tea.

Yerba Mate is also called “green gold“ of Latin America, harvested from leaves of bush Ilex Paraguariensis.

Its 100% natural product with golden color, bitter taste and mild aroma.


Yerba mate produced free of stems.In world market AMANDA is well known for its experience in growing, harvesting and processing ecologicaly clean mate in its own ecoloiycal plantations in Misiones province.

9.50€ Ex Tax: 7.85€

Bombilla Resorte Long Curve X12 15cm

This simple bombilla with spiral tips and a curved top is perfect for drinking coarse grinding mate and fine grinding.

4.30€ Ex Tax: 3.56€

Bombilla Bolita Long Curve X12 14cm

This bombilla has a ball-shaped tip and is perfect for matte mate with regular grinding.

5.25€ Ex Tax: 4.34€

Bombilla craft Chimarao with cleaning brush 21cm

This beautiful bombilla is sold in a box and comes complete with a cleaning brush. This saucer-tippe..

16.13€ Ex Tax: 13.33€



6.50€ Ex Tax: 5.37€

Calabass Panter 300-450ml


22.00€ Ex Tax: 18.18€

CBSé Honey Yerba Mate 500g

CbSé is an important Argentinian brand of yerba mate specialising in yerba mate with stems (con palos) blended with various herbs and flavours.CBSé Honey contains all the natural sweetness of honey mixed with the bitterness of yerba mate. And the best part is that it is sugar free.Ingredients: Yerba mate, Flavours: Honey.

8.80€ Ex Tax: 7.27€

CBSé Regulasé Yerba Mate 500g

CbSé is an important Argentinian brand of yerba mate specializing in yerba mate with stems (con palos) blended with various herbs and flavors.CBSé Regulasé is a delightful yerba mate which combines the stimulating, nutritional and medical properties of yerba mate and several herbs (chamomile, lemon verbena, rosehip and pennyroyal). It also has a plum touch, which makes of it a great yerba mate to enjoy any time. It's the first yerba with prebiotics in the market - it improves intestinal functions and aids the natural rhythm of digestion.Ingredients: Yerba mate, mint, polydextrose (a source of non-dietary fibre), pennyroyal, rosehip, lemon verbena, chamomile, prebiotics, natural plum.

8.80€ Ex Tax: 7.27€

Indega Classica farm yerba mate 500g

Indega Classica mate is a classic variety from Indega S.A. As befits a Paraguayan mate, the Indega Classica is perfect for both a traditional hot ceremony and terere. The product has a classic Paraguayan grind, not entirely uniform, so a rather coarse fraction is found in the composition.

8.00€ Ex Tax: 6.61€

KRAUS Organic+Fair Yerba Mate 500g

The yerba mate Kraus is a 100% natural product, without any pesticides, fungicides nor herbicides. Furthermore it holds the International Quality Certificate OIA and also the kosher certificate.

11.75€ Ex Tax: 9.71€

LA RUBIA Organica Yerba Mate 500g

La Rubia, a family business, produces a limited amount of this organic yerba with only twenty employees. Velvety layered textures of tobacco, cherry, dark chocolate, and tart make this a gourmet and sophisticated yerba. Mate La Rubia Organica has a quality "Paraguayan grind" with an ideal ratio of leaves, stems and dust. Although this yerba has the typical bitterness and astringency of all Paraguayan varieties, it also has a slight floral flavor that distinguishes it from other brands. 

15.00€ Ex Tax: 12.40€

PIPORE Suave Yerba Mate soft 500gr

History Pipore began in 1919 in Santo Pipo, when a local landowner Luciano Leiva, agreed to sell the Swiss colonists 100 hectares of their land. Currently Productores De Yerba Mate De Santo Pipo Sociedad Cooperativa Limitada is one of the market leaders in high quality yerba mate.With "Swiss precision", a lot of small farms over the decades creating a high-quality yerba mate, with an incredibly stable flavor characteristics.

9.50€ Ex Tax: 7.85€

Playadito Despalada 500g

Mate Playadito Despalada is a great Argentine mate with an exemplary strong taste and aroma, and is produced free of stems.

11.85€ Ex Tax: 9.79€

Playadito yerba mate 500g

Playadito Tradicional mate is produced by the Argentine cooperative Colonia Liebig, located in the province of Corrientes. The cooperative was founded at the end of the 19th century by German settlers who went to Argentina in search of work. Later they were joined by Polish and Ukrainian emigrants from the neighboring province of Misiones.

10.50€ Ex Tax: 8.68€


  Rosamonte is produced in a small family company. Since 1936 they plant, harvest a..

10.00€ Ex Tax: 8.26€

ROSAMONTE Yerba Mate 500gr

Rosamonte is produced in a small family company. Since 1936 they plant, harvest and dry yerba mate in Misiones, Argentina.The yerba mate Rosamonte has an strong taste, very aromatic and lasting.

8.00€ Ex Tax: 6.61€

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