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White&yellow tea

Fuding Silver Needles / Bai Hao Yin zhen white tea

A genuine Silver Needle is a white tea. As such, it is only lightly oxidized. The most sought after productions are from the first flushes, which generally take place between late March to early April,when the year's first new buds "flush". For the production of Silver Needle, only the leaf shoots, i.e. the leaf buds before opening, are plucked. Unlike the plucking of green tea, the ideal time and weather for plucking white tea is a sunny morning when the sun is high enough to have dried any remaining moisture on the buds.Price per 25gr

8.39€ Ex Tax: 6.93€

Pai Mu Tan white tea

Price per 25gr

1.91€ Ex Tax: 1.58€

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