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Green tea

"ROASTED ALMOND" tea blend

Ingredients: Green tea China Sencha, white tea PaiMuTan, coconut, cinnamon pieces, almond, flavour. Price per 25gr

1.20€ Ex Tax: 0.99€

Ding Gu Da Fang chinese green tea

Ding Gu Da Fang (頂谷大方) is a classic green tea from Huang Shan (黃山) ‘Yellow Mountain’ area of Anhui province in China.Mellow, delicate with sweet aftertaste.Appearance: greenish, whole flat leaves with sharp edge. Harvest time: end of March.Price per 25gr

3.70€ Ex Tax: 3.06€

Guangxi Pi Luo Chun (green snail) chinese green tea

Curly buds and tiny leaves covered in abundant white fuzz, spiral-shaped like a snail’s shell, tender and thin. Special with sAweet, fruity, floral aroma. Taste: Mellow and smooth, sweet fruity and floral taste, refreshing and brisk, lingering sweet aftertaste.Harvest time: early spring.Price per 25gr

1.75€ Ex Tax: 1.45€

Jasmine Superior "Chun Hao" china green tea

Sweet cup, notes of warmed sugar and jasmine in bloom on a summer evening. An excellent jasmine tea of its kind.Price per 25gr

2.60€ Ex Tax: 2.15€

Sencha green tea

It is regarded as a high quality tea, with a golden color and crisp, grassy flavor, it undergoes minimal processing and no fermentation. This allows it to maintain high concentrations of catechins, substances associated with numerous health benefits. Price per 25gr

0.85€ Ex Tax: 0.70€

Tea Cubed Nr5 "3 green teas"

Din Gu Da Fang chinese green tea 10gr Guangxi Pi Luo Chun (green snail) chinese green tea 10gr Genmaicha Sasaki Airi 10gr

4.00€ Ex Tax: 3.31€

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