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Chinese tea

Chinese tea

Tea tradition in China is thousands of years old. In tea-shop.lv we offer the best quality Chinese teas.

Assam Taiwanese black tea

Taiwan is an important producer of teas, its teas are well-represented in specialty tea stores and are well-known among tea connoisseurs.Price per 25gr

7.89€ Ex Tax: 6.52€

Bergamot taiwanese oolong

High-class Bergamot taiwanese oolong tea, which has been flavored with berhamot flowers for some time, then carefully sculpt them outdoors.Taste: light, expressive, saturated.Exposure - toning.Price per 25gr

5.70€ Ex Tax: 4.71€

Da Hong Pao WuYi

Da Hong Pao or Red robe from the WuYi mountains is considered the best tea in the world. This is fermented twisted tea with varying degrees of roasting and aging.The price is indicated per sachet.Price per 25g

4.30€ Ex Tax: 3.56€

Ding Gu Da Fang chinese green tea

Ding Gu Da Fang (頂谷大方) is a classic green tea from Huang Shan (黃山) ‘Yellow Mountain’ area of Anhui province in China.Mellow, delicate with sweet aftertaste.Appearance: greenish, whole flat leaves with sharp edge. Harvest time: end of March.Price per 25gr

3.70€ Ex Tax: 3.06€

DJAN HONG china black tea

Tea warms and stimulates. In its taste there are notes of honey extract. Tea became popular in Europe after the Queen of England announced that it was her favorite tea. Price per 25gr

2.90€ Ex Tax: 2.40€

GABA oolong

The Japanese originally “discovered” GABA tea and have long recognized the health benefits of it as a key source of GABA. GABA tea is made naturally by exposing the tea leaves to nitrogen – instead of oxygen – during the oxidation process.  The result is a heavily oxidized oolong tea (approximately 70-80%) that has a pleasant, slightly sweet taste, almost more like a black tea flavor than a regular oolong.Price per 25gr

5.40€ Ex Tax: 4.46€

GuiFei Oolong

Gui Fei (concubine tea) is an uncommon oolong from Taiwan. It's produced by a unique method: it's briefly attacked by insects, tea green leaf hoppers. The plant's natural defense to the invasion changes the flavor of the leaf and unexpectedly yields a distinctive floral almost honey-like aroma and taste to the tea. Price per 25gr

6.17€ Ex Tax: 5.10€

Pai Mu Tan white tea

Price per 25gr

1.91€ Ex Tax: 1.58€

Puerh mini tuocha 9gr

This is Yunnan puerh mini tuocha with 9gr per pack.

0.90€ Ex Tax: 0.74€

Sencha green tea

It is regarded as a high quality tea, with a golden color and crisp, grassy flavor, it undergoes minimal processing and no fermentation. This allows it to maintain high concentrations of catechins, substances associated with numerous health benefits. Price per 25gr

0.85€ Ex Tax: 0.70€

Taiwanese High Mountain GABA oolong

The Taiwan High Mountain GABA Oolong is collected in the high mountains of Taiwan at altitudes over 1500m.Price per 25gr

10.74€ Ex Tax: 8.88€

Taiwanese High Mountain oolong

The Taiwan High Mountain Oolong is collected in the high mountains of Taiwan at altitudes over 1500m.Price per 25gr

5.25€ Ex Tax: 4.34€

Taiwanese Shui Xian oolong

Shui Xian originates from Quan Zhou city, Wu Yi Mountain, Fujian province. The name literally means ‘Water Sprite’. Darker in color and mellow in flavor, this oolong tea has a long history and tradition. It has the sweet honey and mineral notes, smooth texture with a non-dominant roasted taste in the background.Appearance: Traditional looking Oolong tea, with dark and curly tea leaves. The distinctive feature of Shui Xian tea leaves are their size, which is huge in comparison to other Oolong teas. Price per 25gr

3.05€ Ex Tax: 2.52€

Te Quan Yin Qing Xiang oolong

3.94€ Ex Tax: 3.26€

Te Quan Yin with stems oolong 2020 25gr

Te Quan Yin with stems is the raw material or “mao cha” for the orthodox TG. For Tie Quan Yin, an escape with 5 first leaves is going to be.Price per 25gr

3.50€ Ex Tax: 2.89€

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