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Yiwu ancient tree spring shu puerh (2015)

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Product name: Yiwu ancient tree spring shu puerh

Year: 2015

Place of Origin: Yiwu tea area, Eastern Xishuangbanna, Mengla County

Ingredients: raw tea material for fermentation from Yuwu tea area

Storage: clean, ventilated and dry

The tea cake is pressed into a cake through multiple processes. The ropes are tightly knotted, the golden buds are prominent, and the tightness is moderate. The tea buds are dense and evenly distributed. Only good raw materials can make such good tea.

Features: mellow aroma with prominent golden buds 

The taste of tea is strong, mellow and steady, and the soup color is dark red and bright.

Price per 25gr

Package = tea pancake = 357gr



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