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Buy puerh tea

Buy puerh tea

          Pu-erh tea is traditionally made with leaves from old wild tea trees of a variety known as "broad leaf tea", which is found in Southwest China. The shoots and young leaves from this varietal are often covered with fine hairs, with the pekoe (two leaves and a bud) larger than other tea varietals. Due to the scarcity of old wild tea trees, pu-erh made using such trees blended from different tea mountains of Yunnan are highly valued, while more and more connoisseurs are seeking pu-erh with leaves taken from a single tea mountain's wild forests.
          In China, where fully-oxidised tea ("black tea") is known as "red tea," pu-erh is indeed classified as a "black tea" defined as post-fermented.

Puerh mini tuocha 9gr

This is Yunnan puerh mini tuocha with 9gr per pack.

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