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The Kraus line of Argentine mate brands is produced by the Kraus S.A. company, founded in 1894 by a young Austrian emigrant, François Kraus, who came to Latin America to work.

Today, Kraus is a large enterprise producing a wide range of teas and mate, which positions itself in the market as a manufacturer of organic products. The firm has plantations located in a pristine jungle in the heart of the Misiones province. Excellent ecology, excellent soils, refusal to use artificial fertilizers and pesticides allow Kraus to produce tea and mate according to the most stringent requirements, for organic products. The company was the first in Argentina to receive an international certificate for its organic mate variety.

The collection of leaves for the production of mate is carried out on the plantations only by hand. For drying yerba, the current co-owner of the company, Juan Kraus, personally developed an ultra-modern system,completely eliminating the contact of raw materials with smoke.

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