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Beautiful liana, an unusual flower and fragrant fruits - these things are famous for - Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) mainly grows in the tropical forests of America (Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina), as well as in Asia, Australia, the islands of Polynesia, but is cultivated almost everywhere. It The Spanish missionaries - Jesuits in America saw in the form of this flower a hint of the legend of the crucifixion of Christ: they compared the coronet of the perianth with the thorny wreath of the Savior, and the stamens and the pestle-with the instruments of torture of Jesus Christ, the "passions of the Lord." So the name of passionflower appeared.

The leaves have three or five lobes with finely serrated edges and solitary white flowers containing a purple, blue or pink crown in the centre. The ripe fruit, oval-shaped and orange, is called a maypop.
The most important active ingredients belong to the harmala alkaloids, such as harmine and harmaline.

Passionflower is a strong relaxant. It is used for treatment of nervous disorders and, first of all, during excitation and exhaustion. It is also an effective anticonvulsant. In the stems of the plant contains several alkaloids, including harmine and the harp, as well as flavonoids and coumarin. Used in the preparation of a ritual drink Ayavaski, along with other MAOI. Often taken with mushrooms, to enhance the effect. Passionflower is often combined with herbs like damiana, lobelia, skullcap and hops (Humulus lupulus). It can be drunk as a tea. Steep 2 grams in 150 ml of hot water for half an hour. Drink this up to 3 - 4 times a day.

For a very strong and immediate effect, you can also use 10 to 20 grams at once. At such dosages, be aware of the MAO-inhibiting effects. As for the powder, mix one teaspoon in a glass of juice or water. You can also mix the powder with some yoghurt or pudding.

Attention! Do not take during pregnancy or lactation!

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