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The yerba mate Pajarito is native the Itapúa, Paraguay. Mate tea is a national pride. ..

6.59€ Ex Tax: 5.45€

Tea can KYOTO 80gr

Tea can KYOTO - beautiful quality tea packaging.Diametr 60mm, High 45mm.

8.25€ Ex Tax: 6.82€



6.50€ Ex Tax: 5.37€

Fujian Green Monkey china green tea

Fujian Green Monkey is a classic green tea from the Fujian province in China. Price per 25gr

1.90€ Ex Tax: 1.57€

"PLUM-MARZIPAN" tea blend

Ingredients: Apple pieces, grapes, pineapple pieces, papya pieces, carrot strips, beetroot, almond, plum pieces, marigold petals, rosebuds pink, flavour. Price per 25gr

1.35€ Ex Tax: 1.12€

Jing Mai Mountain Yunnan shu puerh (2015)

Yunnan Sourcing Brand was first produced in 2009. Brand select the finest Ripe and Raw Pu-erh teas from Yunnan province and offer them to customers at a very reasonable price. Price per 25grPackage = tea pancake = 357gr

2.90€ Ex Tax: 2.40€

"CHERRY BANANA" tea blend

Ingredients: Apple pieces, hibiscus, banana, rose hip, grape, flavour, cherry Price per 25gr

1.05€ Ex Tax: 0.87€

Selecta Energy Yerba Mate with Guarana 500g

Mate tea with extra boost of guarana, smoked and with stems. 

6.10€ Ex Tax: 5.04€

PIPORE Yerba Mate classic 500gr

History Pipore began in 1919 in Santo Pipo, when a local landowner Luciano Leiva, agreed to sell the Swiss colonists 100 hectares of their land. Currently Productores De Yerba Mate De Santo Pipo Sociedad Cooperativa Limitada is one of the market leaders in high quality yerba mate.With "Swiss precision", a lot of small farms over the decades creating a high-quality yerba mate, with an incredibly stable flavor characteristics.

6.20€ Ex Tax: 5.12€

Tea box KYOTO Flowering plumtree 80gr

Diametr 60mm, High 45mm.

8.25€ Ex Tax: 6.82€

PIPORE DESPALADA strong taste Yerba Mate 500g

Despalada yerba mate without stems has been produced with top products. It contains a high percentage of dry leaves (about 90%) and it has a low stems or plant fibers content.

7.00€ Ex Tax: 5.79€

Taiwanese High Mountain oolong

The Taiwan High Mountain Oolong is collected in the high mountains of Taiwan at altitudes over 1500m.Price per 25gr

3.75€ Ex Tax: 3.10€

ANDRESITO Yerba Mate 500gr

Andresito Tradicional can be considered the carrier of the traditional mate flavor. It has a deep herbaceous taste without bitterness and is recommended for those mateman who have not yet discovered the yerbu-standard, with which all others can be compared.

8.05€ Ex Tax: 6.65€

Isini Teapot 'Cracked Pot Xi Shi' 250ml

Yixing clay pot 'Cracked Xi Shi pot', 250ml Excellent work of the master Li Ji Fenya. The master studied ceramic art at Xi Shi Monastery for more than 20 years and is well versed in the best qualities of Isina's purple clay, which makes his works a true beauty standard. Currently, Li Ji Fen is a leading expert at Xi Shi on the production of ceramic products called 'Good eyes and pure heart.'

99.99€ Ex Tax: 82.64€


Ingredients: Apple pieces, grape, quince, rose hip, orange peels, flavour, cinnamon stick, lemon pieces, bourbon vanilla, jasmine petals Price per 25gr

1.25€ Ex Tax: 1.03€

Taiwanese Shui Xian oolong

Shui Xian originates from Quan Zhou city, Wu Yi Mountain, Fujian province. The name literally means ‘Water Sprite’. Darker in color and mellow in flavor, this oolong tea has a long history and tradition. It has the sweet honey and mineral notes, smooth texture with a non-dominant roasted taste in the background.Appearance: Traditional looking Oolong tea, with dark and curly tea leaves. The distinctive feature of Shui Xian tea leaves are their size, which is huge in comparison to other Oolong teas. Price per 25gr

3.05€ Ex Tax: 2.52€

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