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Aguantadora Tradicional 250g

From Argentina, medium intensity and the more you drink it the "sweeter" it becomes. Rustic and full of earthy flavours. Notes of wet grass, vegetal soil, and pine. The leaves are mostly a medium-to-large size.

3.90€ Ex Tax: 3.22€


Aguantadora Energia 500g

A very invigorating novelty from Argentina. The leaves for this mate are harvested in the middle of the Argentinean year, when the caffeine content is at its maximum. Very long aging - 18 months, dried only with hot air for about 6-8 hours, so the product does not have a smoky shade.

6.30€ Ex Tax: 5.21€

Aguantadora Despalada 500g

Strongly stimulating blend without stems (sin palos/despalada). Strong and intense, smoke-free ( sin humo ), aged 18 months, dominating tones of dried fruits and tree bark. 

6.40€ Ex Tax: 5.29€


Aguamate Organica yerba mate 500g

A novelty on the mate market is the Aguamate Organic variety, produced by the famous Argentine company Kraus S.A., and the New Zealand company Aqua Mate Ltd.  that has taken over the marketing, distribution and certification of this yerba. Yerba Aguamate Organic has a typical "Kraus" grind - smaller than average leaves and relatively large stems.Like any smokeless yerba, Aguamate Organic has a pleasant aroma with tangible shades of freshness. It combines the basic herbal melody with notes of raw seeds, milk, corn and quince. Yerba from "Kraus" is advised to be prepared with slightly less hot water than other yerbas - otherwise the infusion will turn out to be very saturated.

9.63€ Ex Tax: 7.96€

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