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Yunnan Golden Monkey china black tea

Rare, pale-golden in colour, and offering a slight resemblance to monkey claws, this tea has a naturally sweet, smooth flavour with delicate floral notes and a hint of honey.Price per 25gr

2.30€ Ex Tax: 1.90€

Yi Wu Mountain Yunnan shu puerh tea (2015)

Yunnan Sourcing Brand was first produced in 2009. Brand select the finest Ripe and Raw Pu-erh teas from Yunnan province and offer them to customers at a very reasonable price. Price per 25gr Package = tea pancake = 357gr

2.90€ Ex Tax: 2.40€

Yerbox Degustation Paraguay

This Degustation set is the best choice for those, whowant to try out the best of Paraguayan yerba mate. This setincludes 4x packs of yerba mate of different brands, such as Ruvicha,Pajarito, Selecta and Colon.Pack contents: Pajarito Traditional 250g, Ruvicha Nativa 250g, Selecta Traditional 250g, Colon Traditional 250g

22.00€ Ex Tax: 18.18€

White lilly ethno tea

The white lily is not only a good source of starches and proteins but also vitamins B1, B2 and C, iron, calcium and phosphorous. The essential oils extracted from the flowers are rich in linalol, vanillin, terpineol, phenylethyl alcohol, palmitic acid, cinnamic acid, and benzoic acid, all of which play an important role in giving the white lily its medicinal value. The flowers also contain flavonoids, carotenoids, and jatrophine. It is also believed that the flowers of the White Lily are an aphrodisiac. Price per 25gr

7.42€ Ex Tax: 6.13€

Tea-berries blend WHITE MANGO


1.25€ Ex Tax: 1.03€

Tea-berries blend SUN GARDEN

Ingredients:chamomile flowers, mint leaves, calendula flowers, rose leaves, cornflower flowers.Price per 25g

0.98€ Ex Tax: 0.81€

Tea-berries blend FRUITY MINT

Ingredients:hibiscus flowers, wild rose fruits, apples, mint, orange blossoms, rose petals, raspberries. Strawberry and mango flavorings. Price per 25g 

0.95€ Ex Tax: 0.79€

Tea-berries blend Fruit festival

Ingredients:hibiscus flowers, dried apples, strawberry, carrot, mango, lemongrass, orange peel, orange blossom. Price per 25g

1.08€ Ex Tax: 0.89€

Tarry Lapsang Soushong black tea

An interesting China tea with the smoky flavour obtained by burning resinous pine wood during drying. Price per 25gr

1.65€ Ex Tax: 1.36€

TARAGUI Yerba Mate 500gr

Mate is a traditional tea served in the Rio de la Plata and it is also a national drink of Argent..

10.00€ Ex Tax: 8.26€

Taiwan Premium Milk oolong

Milk Oolong is very popular tea in Taiwan and China.Taste: tender, condensed milk, intense caramel notes.Exposure: warm, inspiring, well-groomed.Price per 25gr

4.48€ Ex Tax: 3.70€


Skullcap tea gives a nice relaxing feeling and can be used before sleeping or to benefit meditation. Because the herb does not alter the intellectual power or concentration, it can also be used to help reducing anxiety at exams. Furthermore, skullcap can be used for a soothing the head if under pressure. It may also help reduce monthly menstrual pains and complaints.WARNING Skullcap may not be used in combination with medicines or tranquilizers. It is strong on itself and the chemistry has yet to be identified.Price per 25gr

4.95€ Ex Tax: 4.09€

Sencha green tea

It is regarded as a high quality tea, with a golden color and crisp, grassy flavor, it undergoes minimal processing and no fermentation. This allows it to maintain high concentrations of catechins, substances associated with numerous health benefits. Price per 25gr

0.85€ Ex Tax: 0.70€

SELECTA Yerba Mate 500gr

Yerba Mate native to the city of Bella Vista in Itapúa, Paraguay.This a granulated grinded yerba mate with stems and a very intensive taste.

8.60€ Ex Tax: 7.11€

ROSAMONTE Yerba Mate 500gr

Rosamonte is produced in a small family company. Since 1936 they plant, harvest and dry yerba mate in Misiones, Argentina.The yerba mate Rosamonte has an strong taste, very aromatic and lasting.

8.00€ Ex Tax: 6.61€


  Rosamonte is produced in a small family company. Since 1936 they plant, harvest a..

10.00€ Ex Tax: 8.26€

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