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The catmint (Nepeta cataria) has always attracted cats - they always show pleasure in finding cattery, and it seems that it helps cats relax. In Asia, the cemetery (Nepeta cataria) is used to calm tigers and lions in zoos. The smell of Catmint is known to stimulate the pheromonic receptors in cats, resulting in a temporary state of euphoria, making them roll over, purr, growl and become extremely playfull.
Catmint is a tasty herb that gives a nice feeling of relaxation. At higher dosages it stimulates the imagination and could be considered mildly hallucinogenic.
It has a soothing and sleep-enhancing effect, it helps against weakness during menstruation. With a pleasant, delicate taste.

Usage: To make a strong tea boil 25 grams of mint per liter of water, let it go for 15 minutes. Scoob, add honey or sugar to taste. It is possible to mix with damian, galangal and balderian.

Effect: Smoked is a calming and easy-to-treat hallucinogenic plant. After a strong cockroach tea, a pleasant sensation of tranquility appears, and imagination begins to work more actively. Great choice for a cool evening with enjoyable music, or stress-relief after a busy day.

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