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Buy freshly roasted coffee

Buy freshly roasted coffee

Our freshly roasted coffee it is specialty coffee roasted on our Roastery in Riga from coffee beans selected in SCA scores >80

Chelelektu Sidamo specialty coffee, Ethiopia 200g

Country: EthiopiaRegion: Kochere \\ Gedeo ZoneProcess: NaturalElevation: 2000-2200 m. Above sea level SeasFlavor notes: jasmine, peach, floral, caramel, some chocolateVariaty: Hearlum, KumiSCA - 87.5 scores

8.57€ Ex Tax: 7.08€

Daterra Blossom specialty coffee, Brazil 200g

Country: BrazilRegion: SerradoProcess: Pulp (semi-washed)Height: 900-1200 m. Above sea levelFlavor notes: jasmine, honey, mangoGrade: Bourbon, BlossomSCA - 88 scores

9.50€ Ex Tax: 7.85€

Espresso blend URANIUM coffee, strong 1kg

Country: Brazil, Colombia, UgandaProcess: Natural and WashedElevation: 900 - 1350+ meters above sea level seasFlavor notes: light citrus, dark chocolate, walnut, sweet aftertasteVariety: Katurra, Typica, quality robusta no more than 10%This blend is designed and roasted specifically for the STRADA specialty coffee shop in Old Riga. He has already established himself and many of our clients as a strong, balanced and affordable blend.

14.99€ Ex Tax: 12.39€

Kokondo Kivu4 specialty coffee, Congo 200gr

Country: Congo DRRegion: Kivu \\ Kokondo LakeProcess: Washed, Dried in the SunHeight: 1500-2000 m. ASLFlavor notes: fruit, apple, plum, sweet with spices aftertasteVariety: CatuaiSCA - 84 scores

6.50€ Ex Tax: 5.37€

Munchique los Tigros specialty coffee, Colombia 200gr

Country: ColombiaRegion: Cauca / Munchikue Nature ReserveProcess: WashedHeight: 1500-1900 m. Above sea levelFlavor notes: apple, caramel, chocolate, a little citrusVariety: Katurra / CastillaSCA scores: 85

8.00€ Ex Tax: 6.61€

Muthuthuini Top AA specialty coffee, Kenya 200gr

Country: KenyaRegion: Nyeri \\ MuthuthiniProcess: Completely washed, dried in the sunElevation: 1800 m. Above sea levelFlavor notes: honey, iris, grapefruit, tea rose, vanillaGrade: Bourbon SL34 and SL28SCA - 87 scores

9.00€ Ex Tax: 7.44€

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