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Apsara tea house

Apsara tea house

Apsara tea house

Black tea blend "Black mint"


1.13€ Ex Tax: 0.93€

Green tea blend YOGA

Ingredients:lemongrass, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom.Price per 25g

1.47€ Ex Tax: 1.22€

Tea-berries blend Fruit festival

Ingredients:hibiscus flowers, dried apples, strawberry, carrot, mango, lemongrass, orange peel, orange blossom. Price per 25g

1.08€ Ex Tax: 0.89€

Tea-berries blend FRUITY MINT

Ingredients:hibiscus flowers, wild rose fruits, apples, mint, orange blossoms, rose petals, raspberries. Strawberry and mango flavorings. Price per 25g 

0.95€ Ex Tax: 0.79€

Tea-berries blend SUN GARDEN

Ingredients:chamomile flowers, mint leaves, calendula flowers, rose leaves, cornflower flowers.Price per 25g

0.98€ Ex Tax: 0.81€

Tea-berries blend WHITE MANGO


1.25€ Ex Tax: 1.03€

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