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Genmaicha Sasaki Airi

Kirishima Aki Bancha - very well prepared tea from autumn harvest. The Japanese word 'Aki' is a word for autumn, but the bright olive-green, rather large leaves of this tea evoke the image of the last summer days. Since the sun does not bake as much in the early autumn as it does in the summer, the taste is not too bitter and in fact quite light. A pleasant aroma of leaves remains quite long on the tongue.

2.50€ Ex Tax: 2.07€

Kirishima Miumori Genmaicha green tea with rice

Kirishima Miumori Genmaicha is a traditional Japanese blend of tea with fried rice and green tea from Kirishima. The leaves that were used for this mixture are very strong, so this tea can be brewed with rather hot water to fully disclose the combination of flavors of fried rice and green tea.

2.50€ Ex Tax: 2.07€

Miumori Asanagi Sencha green tea

Miumori Asanagi Sencha unites the leaves of various kinds of tea from the tea tree of Shurao Hayashi in Kirishi. This tea is easily brewed, and as a result, the tea has a round and elastic taste

3.00€ Ex Tax: 2.48€

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