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In 1936, Mr. Demetrio Hreñuk, son of Ukrainian immigrants, with the active help of his wife Catalina, he founded a family factory that at the very beginning was dedicated only to the planting, the harvest and drying of yerba mate. In 1966, he obtains his first windmill and begins the commercialization of the elaborated yerba mate. And appear the yerba mate ROSAMONTE.

Over the years, in the same trunk is established the HREÑUK Company S.A., that extended its production, elaboration and commercialization to other matters of the economic activity, incorporating the TEA, agriculture, farming, forestation and Freezer warehouses.


ROSAMONTE Yerba Mate 1kg

Rosamonte is produced in a small family company. Since 1936 they plant, harvest and dry yerba mate in Misiones, Argentina.The yerba mate Rosamonte has an strong taste, very aromatic and lasting.

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