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Nobleza Gaucha blue is a yerba with stem. An exclusive milling process is followed in order to obtain the perfect balance of leaves and stems. This makes a unique and lasting taste. The traditional taste of yerba mate.Ingredients: 100% Yerba Mate, smoke.

11.70€ Ex Tax: 9.67€

Osmantus oolong

An oolong scented with osmanthus flowers, the tea is also packaged with some flowers added after the scenting process. This tea is roasted, with floral and warming notes. Price per 25gr

3.75€ Ex Tax: 3.10€

MENGHAI DaYi 7572-001 shu puerh tea (2010)

Moderately fermented, it is brownish red in color, yielding a bright red broth. This tea is considered the market standard for ripe Pu-erh tea products. Price per 25gr Package = tea pancake = 357gr

3.70€ Ex Tax: 3.06€

Kirishima Miumori Genmaicha green tea with rice

Kirishima Miumori Genmaicha is a traditional Japanese blend of tea with fried rice and green tea from Kirishima. The leaves that were used for this mixture are very strong, so this tea can be brewed with rather hot water to fully disclose the combination of flavors of fried rice and green tea.

2.50€ Ex Tax: 2.07€

Yunnan Golden Monkey china black tea

Rare, pale-golden in colour, and offering a slight resemblance to monkey claws, this tea has a naturally sweet, smooth flavour with delicate floral notes and a hint of honey.Price per 25gr

2.30€ Ex Tax: 1.90€

CBSé - Energia Yerba Mate with Guarana

Ingredients: yerba mate (63%), Pennyroyal (35,98%), lemon verbena (0,5%), guarana extract (0,22%), nature identical flavor (guarana) (0,3%)

8.80€ Ex Tax: 7.27€


Traditional Yerba mate Yerba mate produced with stems.In world market AMANDA is well known for its experience in growing, harvesting and processing ecologicaly clean mate in its own ecoloiycal plantations in Misiones province.

9.10€ Ex Tax: 7.52€

A-Li Shan Taiwanese oolong 5gr

This Taiwanese oolong is grown on the rocky cliffs of the A-Li Shan mountain range in the Nantou County of Taiwan. The tea is harvested at 6,600–7,800 feet above sea level. Due to the paucity of agricultural land at such high altitudes, the quantity of A-Li Shan oolong harvested every year is relatively limited, ensuring that it is always in great demand.

1.65€ Ex Tax: 1.36€

Japanese cooking matcha 42gr(1.5oz)

Matcha contains many vitamins and minerals. It is considered the best antioxidant - therefore it is actively used in various diets related of longevity and youth. It is a concentrate of green tea leaf. The taste of this tea is very fresh, but slightly bitter.

6.84€ Ex Tax: 5.65€

DJAN HONG china black tea

Tea warms and stimulates. In its taste there are notes of honey extract. Tea became popular in Europe after the Queen of England announced that it was her favorite tea. Price per 25gr

2.90€ Ex Tax: 2.40€

PIPORE Yerba Mate 1kg


17.40€ Ex Tax: 14.38€

Jasmine "Four season" oolong

High-class oolong tea, which has been flavored with jasmine flowers for some time, then carefully sculpt them outdoors.Taste: light, expressive, saturated.Exposure - toning.Price per 25gr

3.50€ Ex Tax: 2.89€

PI LO CHUN premium green tea

The name Pi Lo Chun (Bi Luo Chun, Bi Lu Chun) in Chinese means "Spring Green Snail", it originated from two mountains in the west part of Dongting in Jiangsu province, China. Evaporating water from the lakes keeps the mountains covered with clouds and mist, ideal growing conditions for top quality Pi Lo Chun. Peach, plum, and apricot trees are planted between the tea bushes. Due to the stringent selection process for high quality leaves, this tea is not widely available. Price per 25gr

3.05€ Ex Tax: 2.52€

META 23 TERERE Yerba Mate classic 500gr

This organic certified, leafy, fresh mate from Brazil has a mild taste which makes it ideal for Mate novices or those wishing to enjoy a refreshing energizing drink. It is ideal for Terere preparations (consumed cold and combined at times with juices) as well as hot mates, and can be consumed as a tea or in the traditional way.

15.10€ Ex Tax: 12.48€

Keemun Mao Feng china black tea

This rare single estate black tea comes from the Anhui Province in South China. It is smooth and aromatic with sweet floral notes. Boosts the immune system, protects against heart disease, increases energy levels. Price per 25gr

2.45€ Ex Tax: 2.02€

Bamboo leaves

Price per 25gr ..

4.20€ Ex Tax: 3.47€

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